Domaine Saint-Roch

A locality known as Roquentin near Gaja et Villebieu, a few kilometres from Limoux, on the Oceanic side.
We are in the late 90s, the Americans are attacking! Mondavi, but also Stimson Lane or Canandaigua Wine lack wine grape varieties! They are looking for them everywhere! And they have found some right here.

Jeff arrived at the property late ’97, was he was young and a bit of an asshole (here’s hoping that time has worked its magic…), and never left. Leo, the one who pulls the strings, the cellar master, the long-distance runner (those who know him will understand) has just retired. Thank you Leo! Enter Paul, whom we hope to work with for the next 20 years if not more.
Let’s create that great Pinot we are waiting for!

Domaine Saint Roch Viogner

"A beauty - Think William, a beauty of a dazzling calm - Pure as red wine."

Jacques Prévert