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The idea is for the wine to continue to mature on the lees in the bottle, creating extra complexity and giving added pleasure to wine amateurs tasting a maturing wine, one that is alive!

"Wine to be shaken before tasting... (to awaken the lees)!"

Grape varieties

100 % Maccabeu



Nuance, aroma & taste

Light yellow, slightly cloudy (lees in movement).

Elegant, hints of lemon, with a touch of Williams pear and a point of fermentation.

Round, fresh, crispy with an acidity totally integrated and a light pearly effect to give the wine a certain tonicity. Marked by a bitterness associated with the chenin variety (chippings of grapefruit) with notes of peppers and spices.


Perfect for aperatifs and/or tapas


Serve: 10-12°C
Aging potential : will never budge…!

maccabeu by Jeff Carrel vin


MACCABEU by Jeff Carrel Etiquette
MACCABEU by jeff carrel vin
maccabeu  BY JEFF CARREL