Mousse-Tache Chenin Blanc

Mousse-Tache is the result of using a contemporary method to create sparkling wines with as much bubbles and finesse as traditional ones, imagined by Jeff.

Grapes Varieties

100 % Chenin



Nuance, aroma & taste

A pale yellow colour with a fine bead of bubbles.

A fine aroma of acacia flowers and pears.

Round and fresh on the palate, with bubbles of surprising finesse. Thirst-quenching with tastes already revealed by the nose together with white floral notes. A finish that reminds you that you are drinking a Chenin.


Drink neat or as a long drink, over ice cubes or in a cocktail.

Consume as an aperitif or to accompany dessert.


Serve between 12 and 14°C
Aging potential : 7 to 8 years

Mousse tache blanc Chenin de jeff carrel


Mousse tache chenin by jeff carrel blanc
Etiquette Mousse Tache Rosé
Mousse tache chenin by jeff carrel blanc