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Bistrologie Rouge

The wine to be at the centre of the table! Created to remind us of the wine served in cafés until all hours. Easy to drink, more refreshment than wine, a wine that makes friendships possible and the lunch time meals that much more enjoyable.

Grape varieties

Pinot / Grenache / Carignan / Syrah / Cabernet Sauvignon et + si affinités



Nuance, aroma & taste

Dark purple but not opaque.

Expressive with notes of mature mixed berries and simmering red fruit jam, with a touch of spices and leather.

Medium bodied, fresh and generous with ever present fruit and imperceptible tannins, straight from the bottle it will smack you on the tongue and will never disappoint.


Perfect for a buffet dinner, with a few verrines, a cheese and meat platter, pizzas and grilled meats …


Serve at 16°C
Aging potential: At least 5 years.

Bistrologie by Jeff Carrel vin rosé


Bistrologie vin blanc by Jeff Carrel Etiquette
Bistrologie by jeff carrel vin rosé
Bistrologie vin blanc by Jeff Carrel Etiquette