Maison Carrel

Jeff is not the great-great-great-grandson of a winegrower with vines, estates and castles at his disposition…
He never discovered wine thanks to his grandfather, and didn’t spend his childhood running through vineyards. He studied oenology firstly through interest, then through passion, and arrived in the Languedoc region with a ruck sack on his back twenty five years ago.

We therefore didn’t own a 400 year old cellar.

Over the last few years, things seemed to be moving in the right direction and combined with our desire to do even more, it started to look like it could be a good idea to have one.
We could easily have built a hangar at the exit of the A9 and A61 motorway junction, it might even have made things easier.
However, we are not too fond of sheet metal cubes and industrial estates.
Each to his own.
We could have continued only working with the wineries in our near vicinity, something that we had successfully been doing for a number of years now, and something that we will continue to do.

But we wanted to do things our own way.

So we decided to invest in the renovation of an old Domaine, to create a brand new workspace.
Somewhere special.
We visited the different buildings in the middle of a village in the Corbières.
The place was perfect.
Just right.

And the idea of being part of a historic wine village was extremely tempting, we said to ourselves “let’s go for it”.

As we enjoyed playing Tetris when we were young, we thought it would be fun to try and cram 31 stainless steel tanks into an old cellar dating back to 1857.
Maison Carrel saw the light of day in 2017 in Saint-Laurent de la Cabrerisse in the Corbières region, on the wine route “20vin” between the sea and the mountains, and cellar and vineyards.
Somewhere with perfect conditions for us to blend and mature our wines, with the appropriate equipment, tanks, barrels, and lighting chosen especially for this purpose…
And the idea is for it to serve lots of other purposes, such as meetings, a lively activity.
Nothing’s going to stop us now.

We believe that wine is so much better when shared amongst friends. What do you think?

"Whether you like it or not and whether you admit it or not: pissing red in a glass of white does not give rosé wine."

Pierre Dac