• Jeff Carrel winelover

    Jeff Carrel guides you on a slope of sensations:
    be it on a skateboard, a black downhill ski-slope,
    a Ferris wheel or a bungee jump...

  • Jeff Carrel winemaker

    The wines are a reflection of our lives, and exist thanks to encounters made, different cultures,
    grape varieties, and climates…
    Their only claim: to be sincere.

  • Scénarisation bouteilles

    Jeff Carrel cultivates his eclecticism.
    Find happiness in every moment that you taste these wines, be it the most formal of instances or more casual occasions.



Sangiovese Cuvée à l'italienne


Domaine Lerys - tchatcher avec Alban-4


Traitements bio - tchatcher avec Alban-3


Toowo The way of wine

We live in strange times.

Those who already know the Jeff Carrel wines, know their taste and that is the most important point. They are true to his word with no messing about.

This is where we are supposed to preach about our wine, with a digital “robe” and “nose” full of fancy sounding words. Easier to drink a bottle with friends around an old oak table with the smell of our simmering dinner. We quite honestly didn’t know what to say…

n1 les eaux de roches
Dans l'Air du Temps Chenin
Maison Carrel - Jeff Carrel

Somewhere to stock our wines.

Yes it’s true, we have grown in stature in recent years, and obviously we are talking about the company size rather than our waistlines.

This has allowed us to invest, and as we are not into Rolex watches and 10000€ suits, we decided it was about time we had our own cellars.

Maison Carrel photo des chais dégustation et assemblage vins

"Art and wine, bringing people together."