Super Mule Rouge

"If the Vieille Mule isn't enough for you, and if the end of your evening is missing a bit of swing, Super Mule to the rescue !"

Grape varieties

100% Super Grenache


France / Roussillon 

Nuance, aroma & taste

Deep crimson.

Fruits (tomatoes,…) and spices (balsamic,…).

Cherry kirsch, wild herbs, liquorice, exotic spices. Medium bodied and voluptuous with a slight pearly effect which gives a light and airy side to the wine (airy is perhaps pushing it a bit), but in any case greedy!


Mixed grills,red and white meats...


Serve at 13°C
Aging potential: 4 to 5 years

super mule by Jeff Carrel vin rouge


Vieille Mule vin Rouge by Jeff Carrel Etiquette
super Mule by jeff carrel vin rouge
Vieille Mule by Jeff Carrel contre Etiquette