Our aim is to make wines to please all, because our job is our passion.

When creating our new website, we scoured the WWW to see what terminology our fellow colleagues or friends would use to describe themselves, and so we decided to paraphrase some of the ideas…
“Every day, we combine experience, knowledge of the land that we work and technical know-how, in all stages of the process, from the monitoring of the vineyards, the grape harvesting, winemaking, aging, packaging all the way through to logistics.
Extremely demanding which it comes to the quality of our grapes, our raw material, we consider winegrowers to be true partners. The winemaker values his heritage and improves his know-how, from our point of view we give ourselves means to achieve our ends and design wines the way we like them. Over more, we always consider the most environmentally friendly solutions when dealing with the wine growers.”
Blah, blah, blah,… all very academic, and on several occasions it was necessary to click on the “over 18” button as if we were trying to access an “adult-only” website, which we found a bit weird! Obviously we couldn’t agree more with our fellow producers, as we all seem to be defending the same principals, so what more could we say…?

We try to do our best, be it talking frankly with our interlocutors or looking after nature, because that’s what humans do. Did I hear you say sincere ?

Toowo The way of wine - Négoce Vin

"Wine delights the hearts of men... and does not sadden those of women."

La Bible