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Our aim is to make wines to please all, because our job is our passion.

Our job requires know-how, knowledge of the territory and technical mastery: monitoring the vines, harvesting, vinification, maturing, packaging and logistics.Winegrowers are valuable partners with whom we always consult to find the most environmentally friendly solutions. 

Creator of numerous wines, present on every continent thanks to a network of wine specialists, Jeff Carrel can now also rely on the different tools at his disposition thanks to the creation of Maison Carrel and Cuvier Carrel. 

Jeff Carrel has gradually surrounded himself with collaborators sharing his vision:

Integrity rather than duplicity.

Involvement rather than renunciation.

Education and autonomy rather than enslavement and assistantship.

Creative and innovative rather than satirist and withdrawn.

Respect for oneself and one’s environment rather than not caring less.

We try to do our best, be it talking frankly with our interlocutors or looking after nature, because that’s what humans do. Did I hear you say sincere ?

"Wine delights the hearts of men... and does not sadden those of women."

La Bible