Domaine de Thulon

THE JAMBON’S. It sounds like a Rock n’Roll band, and that’s how it all started. April 2003, a Japanese customer asks if you have any Beaujolais Nouveau, and he will be arriving in the afternoon!

Thanks to an encounter with Laurent a few months previously, a simple phone call and Laurent arrives in the Languedoc directly from the Beaujolais region that day, and that’s where things kicked off. Ever since we share and invent, first La Cerise sur le Gâteau (or Cherry on the cake) followed by many others. It is above all a story of the Beaujolais population and the Jambon family: Annie, René, Carine, laurent, their spouses, children, friends, neighbours…

In the Beaujolais, even the trees are smiling, it’s a bit like Jeff’s second home.

Domaine de Thulon Chiroubles
Domaine de Thulon Opale
Domaine de Thulon La Cerise sur le Gâteau
Domaine de Thulon Blanc
Domaine de Thulon 1947
Domaine de Thulon Rouge

"Those who do not like wine, women and singing will remain foolish for the rest of their lives."

Martin Luther-King