Les Mamettes

Les Mamettes, are these hunchbacked grandmothers with highlights in their hair who tell us the story of the Catalan region.
They are also the story of these knotted trunks of Grenache and Carignan vines that have for decades produced VDN (naturally sweet wines) and Rancio Sec (dry fortified wines).
The fruit of these very old vines are used today to produce the great wine wines from the Roussillon.
How you make something new, something modern with the old!

Grape varieties

53% Carignan Blanc / 47% Grenache Gris


France / Pyrénées Orientales

Nuance, aroma & taste

A nuance that catches the eye with pale bright reflections.

The noise is of white flowers and the countryside besides the sea, but remains discrete and very fresh.

Fresh and lightly salted on the palate but does not lack depth. Once again aromas of lemon, citrus and pineapple with a perfect acidity after-taste.


For aperitifs with shellfish, well-salted cured ham and wafer thin parmesan or manchego cheese, or with main dishes such as snails or veal’s head. In short this wine will pair well with a wide selection of your favourite dishes…


Serve between 10 and 12°C
Aging potential: Drink within 3 years

les mamettes by jeff carrel blanc
etiquette les mamettes by jeff carrel blanc
les mamettes by jeff carrel blanc
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